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Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Individuals suffering from ADHD can live an extremely difficult life leading to unorganized professional and personal life, lack of punctuality, lethargy and more. ADHD patients have difficulty in maintaining relationships and are often restless. With therapies and targeted treatment sometimes including medication, patients can lead their way to an efficient lifestyle. ADHD can sometimes lead to anxiety and/or depression if not properly treated. ConscientiaMD providers are highly trained professionals allowing you to get better and live an optimal life

Anxiety Disorders

One of the common mental health issues in the United States is anxiety disorders. Unfortunately, only one-third of the patients suffering from anxiety receive treatment. If you are struggling from anxiety, it is important for you to seek professional help. At ConscientiaMD, we help you overcome anxiety by offering targeted therapies and treatments such as relaxation techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy and medication therapy. Call us at 212-439-5171 or 973-444-5590 to begin treatment. Get the hep you need today. 


Depression is an extremely severe medical condition that often goes untreated. Clinical depression has long term repercussions and may even lead to suicide. Signs and symptoms may include appetite changes, weight gain or loss. lack of energy, feeling restless, irritable or withdrawn, feeling worthless or hopeless, lack of motivation, feelings of guilt or shame. 

People who are suffering from depression should seek immediate help. At ConscientiaMD, we offer different therapies that help in overcoming depression such as cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, medication therapy and more. Schedule an appointment with us and begin treatment today.